Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun


Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun

Please join us for our Open House on Saturday February 9th 11am -2pm. It will be the first opportunity for 2019/2020 enrollment. Enrollment is first come first served with limited class sizes. To register, please drop off or mail your application with the $65 application fee.


It is the goal of CPL to provide each child, according to their own temperament and needs, with supervised play and social and emotional learning experiences with children their own age. The children will have the opportunity to learn to respect and accept the rights and also the differences of others. They will be presented with art, music, books and creative projects that are geared to their age level. Through various activities, the child will learn about the world around him and develop a feeling of belonging and security. It is the goal of CPL to develop a child who is ready for primary school education, and complement, not replace, early learning between parent and child.


CPL offers children a program based on the following sound education principles:

Individual acceptance: It is important for each child to be accepted as they are. Each child is helped to develop their own capabilities at their own rate of progress

Freedom within limits: Children need to know that there are limits beyond which they cannot go. They need order to their day. They also need freedom to play –their imagination and curiosity need room to wander.

A child-sized world: Children need to find themselves in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where they can explore, share, and play and communicate with others their own age.

Parent participation: Parents come to school regularly, not merely to visit, but to participate and to observe. The parents learn about their own children in a broader perspective. The parent can observe other adults and other methods. Through close association with professionally trained teachers, parents acquire specialized skills and greater understanding of their children and their children’s peer group.

Three-way sharing: In a cooperative preschool, one finds fellowship. Child-parent-teacher sharing furthers the adult’s understanding of children and facilitates the children’s adjustment to their first school experience. The parents are also working together to provide the best possible preschool experience for their children at a minimum cost.