At CPL, our “Kids Helping Kids” program strives to involve our students and their families in service to our community and to children’s organizations and charities that are meaningful to our membership.  We believe that service at a young age, however simple, will foster a lifetime of compassion and care.  The idea of thinking about and doing for others, is paramount at our school.  We encourage our students and their families to see the world beyond themselves and be an active participant in the welfare of many in their community.

During the course of the school year, we offer many opportunities to our families to engage in community service.  We began in September with a lemonade stand at our back-to school picnic whereby all proceeds from lemonade sales are donated to Pediatric Cancer awareness research.  We designate a local charity whose goal is to eradicate childhood cancer; we partner with them to learn about their worthy cause and we help them broaden their message of hope for a cure through our membership.

Other examples of service include:  collecting coins for charities in our area that feed and clothe needy children and their families, making holiday cards for sick children in the hospital, conducting a supply drive for the animal shelter, and most importantly, giving back 10% of profit earned by CPL for each of their school fundraisers.  We provide this money to a charity or organization that we, or a member of our school community, wish to support.  If you have any questions about our “Kids Helping Kids” program, please email Kerin Webb atjwwkaw2@verizon.net.