New Students

Open registration will begin at Open House on February 9, from 11:00am-2:00pm. Enrollment is based on a first come first served bases.

To register, please drop off or mail your application with the $65 application fee. When your child is placed in a class you will be mailed a placement letter and will have 2 weeks to pay the $175 Registration fee which will secure your place in the class.

Please note that all fees are non-refundable.

Returning Students

Current students will register at the General Membership Meeting on February 4th at 7pm. Please bring your application with you to the meeting. You may also bring the $65 application fee or invoice it.

Please mark your first and second choice in class placement on the application if that applies. We allow 10 students per class (8 for Honeybees). If more than 10 students request a certain class as their first choice, a drawing will be done by the Director and the President to fill the class. Those whose names are not drawn to fill the class will be placed on a waiting list for the class. If a second choice is listed they will also be enrolled in the second choice while on the waiting list for their first choice. Consideration for class placement will be given to gender balance of the class, families with siblings, and teacher recommendations. Enrollment priority is given to board members.

Alumni & siblings of current students will begin registration on February 5th, they will be placed in classes after current students. Please drop applications off in the drop box located by the front door, in the office, or mail them.