All of the Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun policies can be found in the Membership Handbook

Each parent participates in the classroom with one of our professional teachers on a rotating basis. A monthly calendar is distributed with your days of participation marked. There are 10 students per class, therefore every 10th class you should expect to be working in the classroom either the teacher. If a field trip or a special activity/party is planned during the month, you may be participating an additional time.

The teacher will let you know the schedule of the day and where she would like your assistance. You will also bring snack for the class on your special day. Due to allergies of our staff and some children, we are a nut free school. Recommended snack lists will be provided to help make safe choices for our children. As participating parents we clean-up at the end of class after the other children have been dismissed.

As a cooperative preschool, our members contribute their services to both the administration and operation of the school. Therefore, each participating parent is assigned to one committee each school year.

Our committee list and duties are provided and range from staff support to maintenance. Each committee has a chairperson who will contact you as needed. If you have talents or interests, please list them on your application. Knowledge of this may help place you on a committee that will suit you best.

There are four mandatory meetings throughout the year for our full membership. Orientation is scheduled prior to the start of school.  General Membership Meetings are held in Fall, Winter and Spring.  These meetings keep you informed of upcoming events and allow us to vote on changes to policy or budget as needed.

Although these duties may seem numerous when read all at once, they are spread throughout the year and help keep our school running smoothly!